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Nothing can be more frustrating than seeing a blocked kitchen sink or an overflowing toilet bowl. It is not only unappealing to the eyes of many, but it also poses a lot of health issues. The plumbing system of a house is one of its vital parts as it keeps the whole place going. However, not all people pay attention to it and only consider it essential when problems arise.

A lot of homeowners call themselves “DIY” experts at almost everything. Who does not want to do things on their own? DIY projects are cost-efficient, and at the same time, most of them give immediate answers to problems. 

However, are DIY projects accepted when you have a clogged drain? Or blocked drain plumbers are still the best solution to drain repairs?

Let us find out about when to DIY and when not to DIY your blocked drainage system.

3 Tips when to DIY Blocked Drain Repairs

  1. DIY when you have a slow-moving drain

When a slow-moving drain is observed, a clogged sink can be the problem. An effective DIY method for drain repairs is using the plunger. The plunger will shake off the food debris, oil and grease, and even the hair down the drain. By using this method, you can give access to water flow.

  1. DIY when the materials are highly accessible and cheap

DIY projects are not cheap because some materials are not readily available. If you choose to do the fixing on your own, make sure that you can save money instead of spending some. When you have clogged sink drains, using baking soda and vinegar solution can be very effective. These two materials are readily available in the kitchen, and they are also cheap. Moreover, using hot water and liquid soap for hardened oil in the sink is also a perfect example of cheap DIY methods. 

  1. DIY when you are safe to do it

Safety should be a priority when doing projects. Doing the project should not compromise one’s health and safety. Changing pipes or fixing leaks can lead to falls. So if safety is compromised, call an expert. Doing DIY is a choice, but people should learn when to call it quits. 

3 Tips when not to DIY Blocked Drain Repairs

  1. Cost

If the cost of materials and the cost match up with hiring a blocked drain Canberra plumber, it is highly recommended to hire a plumber instead. Hiring a plumber gives you peace of mind that your drainage problem will get fixed without exerting a lot of effort.

  1. Unsafe

You are also recommended not to DIY if it poses a threat to your safety. In most cases, there may be an involvement of electric fixtures such as a water heater and so on. Suppose this can cause your safety to be compromised. In that case, you should think otherwise. Hiring a plumber is safer because he is knowledgeable about what he does while maintaining his own safety.

  1. Government Property

Lastly, you should not DIY if you are touching the property of the government, such as the sewage system. There are instances that DIY projects compromise the whole village or town instead. Also, without the proper certifications and licenses, doing such operations is illegal.


A plumbing problem is not something that can be taken easily. With this, people should decide whether to hire an expert or to do things on their own. If the problem can cause more problems, if it is expensive, and if it causes danger, then it is best to hire a plumber instead. By hiring a good plumber, you are assured that your drainage issue is done at ease and the problem is solved.