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Dark winter invites you to chill, put your feet up, and enjoy your favourite drink. That means it’s time to think about changing that extra space into a home bar for family and friends. Whether you are a passionate entertainer or an occasional beer drinker, there is always something exciting about having a go-to place for unwinding in your home. Here are a few tips for creating an epic home bar.

1. Create a lounging area

Cosy lounging area located in a home bar in a converted shed
Credit: Kev Gregory / Shutterstock

Consider investing in a comfy sofa, lounge, or some sectional chairs. However, don’t purchase anything without experiencing it first. This means you should go to the store in person and try out different seating options before buying them. When selecting your furniture, focus on creating a comfortable area and a chatting circle where friends can gather and socialize. You can hire interior designers like I-5 Design Build to help you create a casino-like lounging site and execute your plan.

2. Get a bar cart

Well stocked home bar cart
Photo by Taryn Elliott on Pexels

A bar cart is essential for any sophisticated home bar, and it’s easy to see why. It offers versatility, eclectic style, and convenience to your bar area, especially if you have limited square footage and budget. In addition, a trendy cart gives you an additional space in which you or your guests can try mixing their drinks. Generally, ensure your bar cart is stocked sparingly. You shouldn’t use it as a catch-all for everything you have but instead should be reserved for essential items.

3. Create spots for various activities

Your home bar is a place for chilling and having fun, so how you design the areas should mimic this carefree attitude. Make sure you or your guests have something to keep them entertained. A pool table is a great option, but remember, only a few people can play at a time. Therefore, consider adding a dart board, a TV for watching sports, a ping pong table, or a music system so everyone can get engaged at once.

4. Add a garden

As spring approaches, an outdoor garden is more of a possibility. It can help keep your home bar separate from the house so you can feel like you are actually off to the pub. You can take this idea further by moving your bar to a shed so that you can enjoy your beverage or two, whatever the weather.

5. Light up your bar space

Lighting plays a vital role in any room’s overall atmosphere and function, and your home bar is no exception. To capture your favourite downtown ambiance, ensure your home bar is well-lit to party in but dark enough for those cozy, chill vibes. There are many lighting solutions that give wonderful setups, such as placing LED lights on the walls or behind the counter. Mixing in a statement fixture that can offer more ambient light is another perfect way to heighten the style and atmosphere of your bar space.


Wine chiller in a home bar
Credit: Rawpixel.com via Shutterstock

A home bar is a thrilling and fun addition to any home. It can create a customized area for preparing food and drinks, housing and displaying liquor collections and entertaining items, and socializing. Use these tips to design a bar space, and your home will surely become a prominent and appreciated destination among your friends and family.


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