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Even if you love living in an urban environment, achieving a more down-home country feel at home is still easily achieved. You don’t have to change your entire interior design to a more farmhouse look with knitted doilies, a rocking chair, and random pictures of watermills and cornfields. In fact, achieving a modern rustic look in your living space relies on inspiration more than a countrified makeover.

Ready to create the perfect balance between modern and traditional in your abode? In this article, we’ve put together six rustic home interior design ideas to help you transform your home into a gorgeous oasis of cozy comfort and sleek modernity.

1. Soft and Fuzzy Palettes

Modern minimalist style home decorated in neutral colours
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While many interior designers like to use warm shades of greens, creams, grays, and browns for a rustic aesthetic, this doesn’t mean your rooms need to look dull and dark. In fact, you can opt to use lighter shades in these color palettes to achieve a traditional feel while adding modern bursts of hues as accents. For example, a vibrant burnt orange or strawberry red can add vibrance without overpowering the relaxed country atmosphere you’re trying to create.

You can further enhance this effect by only using warmer rustic tones in rooms facing north and choosing wood textures that feature imperfections in the grain.

2. Create Focal Points with Key Fixtures

Details are important in any interior design, but especially for rustic styles. You want to convey a crafted, laid-back ambiance. To do this, you’ll need to draw the eye to specific focal points in a room.

For example, the finishes you choose on your doors and hardware, such as brushed brass door handles on a walnut door, vintage glass knobs, and oversized vintage key plates. This attention to detail catches the eye and transports your visitors to nostalgic times and good memories.

Fireplaces are an especially great choice for creating this effect in any room with the natural elements of stone, fire, and wood, which are often associated with country living. Working with a hearth & fireplace installer in Bedford, PA, can ensure you maximize the warmth and beauty of any room you choose to enhance with this key feature.

3. Upcycle

Neutral painted walls can help sell homes
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Another popular trend in modernized rustic interior designs is incorporating reclaimed items into the layout. For example, reusing old wood, metal, and stone can bring another level of coziness and character to a normally bland room. This creative approach is also popular because it’s eco-friendly and supports a sustainable lifestyle many of us want to enjoy. Traditional country living relies on this principle, so it’s a great idea to do the same in your modern take on this class style. Consider including older storage chests, reclaimed windows, and even upcycling old farm doors for new uses in your home.

4. Showcase Nature’s Gifts

Rustic homes showcase natural materials like wood, stone, and even heavier fabrics like canvas and burlap. When trying to create a more defined character in a room, consider using some of the following materials to produce a beautiful rustic appeal:

  • Unfinished rock and wood
  • Oil-rubbed burl and knotty woods
  • Classic red bricks
  • Raw slate and highly textured stone surfaces

Incorporating natural elements like those mentioned above will bring continuity to your rustic style throughout your home.

5. Incorporate Greenery, Not Just Paint

Plants can add a touch of green into a room
Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

Varying shades of green are always a must when creating a rustic interior, however, don’t just rely on a paint can! Greenery is essential in your countryesque design plans, and nothing comes back to nature like a few plants.

Even in a minimalist aesthetic, a splash of subtle elegance is easy to achieve if you add a few potted plants to your room. Consider some of the following to include when transforming your home into a rustic getaway:

  • African violet
  • English ivy
  • Peace lily
  • Spider plant

These species are friendly, modern, and often found in cottage and rustic living spaces as a way to freshen up and brighten a room.

6. Infuse a Sense of Comfort

One thing to remember about rustic interior design is that it focuses on comfort elements. This could be the installation of a fireplace and comfy couch with soft pillows and throws for nights of snuggling with a book and hot chocolate.

Whether you want a cabin in the woods feels or a mountainside recluse, don’t forget the coziness aspect of traditional rustic homes. Some of the following elements would be a great addition to achieving this atmosphere:

  • Wood or pellet-burning stoves and fireplaces
  • Bushcraft items like woven baskets and braided rugs
  • Wooden furniture, hardwood floors, natural grain paneling
  • Stone accents, cast iron decor, deer antlers, driftwood art


Are you excited to bring a touch of rustic living to your home’s interior design? Combining some simple, natural elements into your living spaces allows you to enjoy modern minimalism with cozy traditions. Remember that the primary goal of incorporating a country living feel is to create an inviting space filled with comfort, nostalgia, and easy living.


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