Add Style with 3D Tiles!

At Stiles  we have an incredible selection of beautiful tiles to suit every space and aesthetic. Whilst we love a classic tile for a traditional/contemporary look, we encourage a bolder take for your space! What better way to draw attention than an interesting statement wall with 3-Dimensional Tiles?

What are 3D tiles?

Typically, when we picture tiles we think 2D, Flat shapes with just a normal length and width to them. Beautiful and functional, they fill up our spaces to do what they do best – serve. Well, we think you can serve style with a 3D tile! Whilst some have an actual texture that is embossed and raised for you to feel, others have a design to create an optical illusion of depth and dimension. Whilst still offering the high level of durability that we love from tiles, 3D tiles offer us a unique and high-quality statement piece option for our spaces.

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Accent Walls:

We love accent walls to draw the eye straight to a focal point you want to highlight in your home. Whether that be an interesting shower space or your lounge, accent walls are a great conversation starter for your guests. With 3D tiles, you can look for where natural light fills the room best, to enhance the shadows created by their embossed features.

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Kitchen Backsplash:

Be bold and have fun in your home spaces considering it is your space to enjoy! Move away from a classic subway tile pattern for a backsplash and add a little more texture. It will add character and personality to an otherwise overlooked space, and since it’s tile, you get the best of both low maintenance and design!


We love staircases for their room for opportunity! Instead of a traditional gallery wall why not incorporate a textured feature wall instead? Think of using a stunning stone-inspired look or an embossed design to run your fingers along as you go up. Incorporating tiles can add an instant luxurious touch to a space you use every day.

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Shop all of these fantastic looks now in-store and online at Stiles !


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