Build Diary 49 – Preparing for the rainy season

Changing the offices


We recently made a massive change in our 2 offices. Previously, they contained mismatching furniture, almost no storage and were barely functional.  I use a lot of handmade furniture from a variety of specialist artisans in Bali in my home, but I wanted something more modern for the office.


I decided to use the team from IKEA for Business to make my office.  The final result is a huge upgrade. It has really improved the efficiency of our 2 offices.


Multi-purpose rooms


Way back at the beginning our build journey, before we even had the land, I started planning the design of my future home. One thing I knew was that I didn’t want a dedicated “guest room”. I love my family and friends from overseas visiting me, but I knew that this type of room would remain unused most of the year. I didn’t want to waste this space.


Instead, I wanted rooms that I could use primarily for something else …. AND then convert into a bedroom when required. The 2 offices are in another building just next to our home, so they make great “spare rooms” as they give our guests a little privacy.


Solving the problem! 


My question was how do I design a great office space that can also be a spare bedroom without ruining the office? I pondered this for a while until I came across an ideal solution – a wall bed! It won’t take up lots of valuable floor space when I’m not using it but the space can be used to host my guests.


The only problem was how to make it! I’d seen them in in small apartment spaces in big cities, but they are certainly not common in Bali. Wall bed kits were available online but the shipping costs were outrageous! I needed a better way…..


Jack of all trades….


So, once again, it was Pak Slamet to the rescue! We sat down and watched some YouTube tutorials on how to make a wall bed. A few videos later we devised a plan. Then we started measuring the available space in the office, and sketching out what I wanted. I decided to make it in one of the offices only.


Pak Slamet went out in the morning to check how much the materials would cost, and then started making the wall bed that afternoon!

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