Photography by Michael Sinclair 2. Warm Tones with Classic and Contemporary Designs The main bedroom in this Hampshire home is covered in a linen-silk blend Wallpaper. It’s also known as “Strie”. The furniture combines new finds and beautiful antiques, including a Louis XV revival window seat. The home was designed […]

Insulation is a crucial part of any building’s construction. It improves indoor comfort, boosts energy efficiency, and provides sound dampening. If your home is under-insulated, you might have trouble keeping every room comfortable, pay more than necessary for heating and cooling, and resent your noisy neighborhood. The easiest place to […]

When the snow and cold weather hit, there are a few key things to do to keep your home from suffering any weather-related damage. Here are ten winter maintenance to-dos for the interior and exterior of your home. Regular maintenance will save you from costly repairs when Spring arrives. Check […]

The sun is out. The kids are home. Before heading to the beach, spend a little time getting your home ready for the season. Some maintenance needs are obvious like cleaning your grill and getting your AC serviced. However, there are some to-dos you may not have considered. The Monk […]