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Bathrooms and their design are a key consideration for all homeowners. Modern bathrooms have gone from being necessities to investments as they take on a spa-like function, providing a watery sanctuary for weary bodies and minds at the end of a long day.

It’s also one of the rooms that can most affect the value of a home and as such, it is important to carefully consider not only the design and layout but also the fittings, accessories and saniware.

One often overlooked item is the toilet. Today, a toilet is not just a toilet; there are many different styles and functions available.

To help you make the correct choice, here, Geberit shares why their rimless toilet is the top choice for modern bathrooms, as well as the different styles available.

“In addition to design, hygiene and ease of cleaning are also decisive factors when choosing WC ceramic appliances,” Geberit explains. “The flush rim is a nuisance because germs, dirt and deposits can accumulate there. The rimless WCs from Geberit is designed entirely without a flush rim. There are therefore no hidden, hard-to-reach places where deposits can build up and odours can develop.”

“Because rimless WCs are much easier to clean, they are the first choice when it comes to WC hygiene. Geberit Rimfree® WC ceramic appliances feature a patented flush technology that was developed by Geberit. A flush guide ensures a hygienically perfect flush every time without using much water.”

Geberit offers 4 distinctive rimless toilet styles:

Geberit Xeno²: “The designer range Geberit Xeno² is synonymous with architectonic design minimalism. Clear geometric lines outside – soft, natural shapes inside. This combination leads to surprising results that are easy on the eye and a joy to use.”

Geberit Acanto: “With its slim, streamlined designs, this style combines a clear design with organic shapes that are ideally suited for contemporary or more rustic designs.”

Geberit Icon: “Ideal for small bathrooms, Icon WCs and bidets are available in both rounded and angular designs, as well as in wall-hung or floor-standing models. The discreet appearance of the Geberit Icon WCs offers solutions for every bathroom size, even for small floor plans. New additions to the portfolio include the back-to-wall WC and a matching bidet, as well as a compact wall-hung WC with a small projection in a completely closed design.”

Geberit Smyle: “With its contemporary design and ornate lines, the Geberit Smyle rimless toilet creates a relaxing and positive bathroom ambience and brings harmony and lightness into family and guest bathrooms.”

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