Solar energy makes such a good investment because of so many benefits. It is easy to install, operate, and maintain. But for it to work efficiently throughout the whole of its lifespan, you need a partner who will be there to support the system after the installation.

Solar maintenance services are provided by solar companies that also install solar panels. You can ask your solar panel installer if they include these services so that you can avail them. 

Even though most solar panels are manufactured to withstand nearly all harsh weather conditions, they might encounter issues related to the production of electricity and the pieces of equipment that convert your solar energy.  

To make sure you deal with these issues precisely and properly, call solar professionals who know preventive maintenance and solar panel system monitoring. Here’s a glimpse of solar maintenance services that they can do for you:

Routine Preventive Solar Panel Maintenance

Your solar company can provide technical maintenance for your installed solar panel system once every year. They will inspect and verify that all of the parts of your system are in order and functioning properly.  

Regular preventive maintenance that is done apart from your curative maintenance that involves repair and fixing damages or dysfunctioning parts is crucial to make sure that you will always have a solar system that is working efficiently.

Thorough preventive maintenance of your system can be achieved  by making sure that these aspects are in place:

  • Panels are clean, secure, and free of defects
  • No parts of the system have deteriorated or corroded
  • The vents are free from any form of debris
  • Switches are working properly and do not have defects 
  • Wiring has not been damaged in any way
  • Electrical checks to make sure that all components are operating as expected
  • Confirming fittings and cables are attached securely and not moving or unstable
  •  Reviewing the inverter display panel for recorded faults
  • Checking that the access to the isolator switches has not been impeded
  • The emergency procedures for shutdown and isolation are clearly displayed
  • Inverters are flashing green lights which means that your system is properly compensating for your electricity use
  • A monitoring system that will help you determine if your system is performing as it should  

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panel maintenance also includes the proper and regular cleaning of your solar panel system.  Whether you have a residential or commercial solar system, solar companies like provides solar maintenance services for homes that includes cleaning. This process involves using the proper and recommended cleaning materials that will not damage your panels and void their warranty.

Solar cleaning is done with proper timing as well to prevent cracking when they get cleaned at maximum working temperature. PV (Photovoltaic) modules are cleaned with specifically designed equipment following the manufacturer’s guidelines.     

Thermal Solar Panel Maintenance

Thermal solar panels require rigorous and precise solar maintenance services. Cleaning them is similar to the way other solar panel systems are cleaned but every year, you can ask your solar company to conduct thermal maintenance. This is done by:

  • Verifying that the water pressure is not less than 1 bar since water pressure that is more than this level can jeopardize the circulation of glycol water and can negatively affect the entire solar installation.
  • Controlling the quantity of glycol which is the antifreeze ingredient found in the panels, to make sure that your panels do not freeze and eventually crack during winter.
  • Monitoring the operation of the safety devices of your solar panel installation like the mixing valve at the outlet, the domestic water tank, and the solar safety valve.
  • Making sure that your solar panels are adequately sealed for waterproofing. Fluid leaks on accessible parts of your system will also be checked.
  • Inspection of the pump, expansion tank, and electrical connections.

Supporting Your Solar Panel System for Years to Come

Make sure that your solar power system is working at its full potential by supporting it with solar maintenance services that can warranty your system to work efficiently for a life cycle spanning multiple decades. They can do annual cleanings to restore the clarity of your panel’s sunlight capturing and perform annual and consistent preventive routine maintenance to make sure your system is providing you the energy that you need.