Bricks are inexpensive and easy to use and change if necessary. They fit into all styles and designs. You can buy bricks almost anywhere, especially at nurseries or garden centers. Still, the great idea is to get bricks from old building sites or the side of roads because these look more natural, and a “weathered” look can be extremely appealing in a garden.

Using Bricks

Most people who hire professional concrete driveways contractors in New Orleans also find that they use bricks to make borders, protect certain features, or even build unique additions to a yard at one stage or another. A benefit of using bricks in a landscape is that they can transform an otherwise dull area into a creative artwork and make a garden look professional and well designed. Landscaping bricks are used because they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and give any garden a traditional, classic, and unified look.


A great feature to create using bricks in a landscape is a patio. You will only need bricks and mortar, and you can lay the bricks yourself – all in the same direction or in different directions. This is very easy to build. You can even use a “horizontal than vertical laying” technique to make a creative patio. Add brick flower beds to complete the effect. Use your bricks to create borders for flower gardens or build a small wall around the grounds.

Water Feature

You can also use these walls in water gardens and encase water areas to contrast the organic and the geometrical. It adds warmth to a water feature. Bricks are mostly, however, used to create walkways and paths in a garden. You can build a definite direction to a specific area or your front door or create random courses through beautiful garden areas. If your ground is quite soft, line the bottom of the path with organic landscaping fabric so the bricks will not sink away. Use bricks where you expect to have a lot of traffic in the garden so your garden will not experience wear and tear.

Bricks ultimately create a cleaner, uncluttered, and professional look. They have a great tendency to attract attention, so you can “lead” people through a designed garden with them quite easily. You can even use crushed bricks to create pathways as they act as more rough and edgy cobblestones. Please make sure you use contrast in a garden because it makes the garden more appealing and adds character to the environment. Bricks automatically do this because they oppose the natural surroundings of a garden.

Anyone can use bricks and build their features because it is easy, and every person has an idea for his or her garden. With a little imagination, you can do anything. However, suppose you feel it is “safer” to leave it to someone else. In that case, professional landscape designers will have limitless ideas and methods at your disposal.