Choosing a Shower Head - What to Know First - Bob Vila

Choosing the right type of shower head for your homes is not only for aesthetic purposes. An appropriate shower head can help you use water efficiently and help you save cost in the long run. There are different types of shower heads suitable for your needs. Some are high-pressure while others are low flow. Modern shower heads also feature antimicrobial features while others resemble rainfall. Different types require different installation procedures that can be easily attended by a plumber Hurstville professional. To choose the right shower heads for your home, you can follow the tips available below.

Design Requirements

There are different types of water heads. If you would like to stick with the basics, you can choose the wall-mounted single-head type. It features a bowl-shaped head that is attached to a shower elbow. It is one of the most simple and flexible designs for shower heads available in the market.

Hand-held shower heads are more versatile. They are attached to a hose and can be detached from its holder bolted on the wall. It is perfect for people who prefer the flexibility of using their showers according to their needs. It is also advisable for homes with kids who would want to have easy access to a shower head.

For aesthetic purposes, a ceiling or rain type of shower head would be ideal for your bathrooms. It usually features an L or P-shaped arm that is attached to the shower elbow. If you are not sure with the type you want, you can consider other features and factors before choosing one for your homes.

Pressure Requirement

Different shower head types feature different water pressure limits. Choosing the right one suitable for your needs ensures that you are getting the right effective flow for your needs. A consistent and sufficient pressure is essential to make your showers efficient and enjoyable at the same time.

Shower heads usually feature a pressure of 40 to 60 psi. To pick the right type for your home, check the water pressure available in your home. Choose a shower head with a pressure that is less than the water pressure that you have at home. If your water pressure is not high enough, you may not be available to fully enjoy the efficiency of your shower heads.

Spray Type

Shower heads feature different nozzle spray sizes. They can create different patterns and feature different intensities. Try to figure out which shower spray type you prefer for your homes. Some of the basic types of nozzle spray for your homes are wide, targeted, rinse and pulsating.

Wide nozzles are the most common type of spray nozzles for bathrooms. They offer constant speed and consistency. Targeted nozzles shoot water harder than the wide and other nozzle types. The rinse ttpy pours water from the central nozzles, perfect for soaking while enjoying a bath. Pulsating nozzle sprays shoot alternating patterns that can be good for aesthetics and function as well.

Energy Consumption

If you are conscious with the energy that you consume in your homes, going for an energy-conscious shower head is your best option. If a shower head requires high pressure. On average most showers use around 2.1 gallons per minute. If you are looking to save money or would like to have an energy-efficient shower head for your homes, go for a showerhead that has no more than 2.0 gallons per minute requirement.

Lastly, always consult your reliable plumber in Hurstville when deciding for the right type of shower to be used for your home. Always consider efficiency and the water pressure requirement as the top two factors in deciding which type of shower head to use for your homes.