Styling Objects The world of styling accessories is almost limitless. From handmade accessories to elements found in nature, books, boxes and trays — the ol saying “…the world is your oyster” is a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y true!  But there are several categories of styling objects that we use over + over again to […]

October 7, 2022 Trends tend to come and go, but certain ones stand the test of time. There is no denying that most homeowners want to stay up to date with the hottest and trendiest color schemes and paint colors for their humble abodes. It might be hard to know […]

What is A Virtual Interior Designer?  A virtual interior designer is a professional that offers expertise in interior design through an online platform or service. Social media platforms including Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok have helped design enthusiasts create a community to share their ideas and provide resources for potential clients. […]

My Own Home Blog as a approach to present her superb artistic designs in DIY and residential improvement to the world. Her simple, easy and authentic designs are captivating and pocket-friendly. Her passion for DIY and homes add a particular touch to this blog. As the name suggests, she derives […]

In addition to Investopedia, she has written for Forbes Advisor, The Motley Fool, Credible, and Insider and is the managing editor of an economics journal. Whether you are repairing or remodeling This Old House shares one of the best concepts and techniques from top craftsmen and design specialists. Installing polyethylene […]