The cover of our new book, Remodelista: The Low-Impact Home, features the kitchen of architects Ruth Mandl and Bobby Johnston of CO Adaptive. Their firm specializes in retrofitting existing buildings to make them energy efficient, and the couple transformed their own historic Brooklyn brownstone into an ultra-efficient passive house. Their […]

For many homeowners, the windows in their kitchen are an afterthought — but they shouldn’t be. Even small windows can bring in bright natural lighting and create warmth to make your kitchen welcoming. But to get that inviting, refreshing feel, you need to treat those windows right and make good […]

As a material, porcelain provides a low maintenance splashback finish in the kitchen, beingeasy to keep clean while also being resistant to fire. Options for a porcelain splashbackinclude tiles or large sheets, both providing the same benefits and superior qualities thatporcelain products are known for. Our guide highlights the key […]

Choosing kitchen colours for a new home or renovation can often seem daunting at first; there are SO MANY options available to choose from! Our quick guide will help you get started and of course, should you need a little extra help, Diamond Interiors offers Kitchen Colour Consultations to make […]