It’s unfortunate a lot of homeowners put off roof repairs, especially repairs that involve leaks that appear during heavy rainstorms or signs of older leaks like stained ceilings or walls. It’s easy to forget about a roof leak when you don’t see it everyday. The reality is, people don’t generally […]

A roof is one of the largest features of your home. Thanks to a strong roof, you have your castle. Yet few people give their roofs much attention. That’s a problem because a poorly maintained roof leads to leaks and countless other problems. It’s time to get in the habit […]

When you think about metal roofs, what do you picture? An old barn? Maybe a mobile home or big commercial building? Metal roofs used to bring up all sorts of mental pictures, but few people thought of homes, until now. “It’d be too noisy”, you may think. “The first hailstorm […]

Roof leaks are deceptively destructive to your roof.  What appears to be just a small leak often hides a path of destruction from the spot you notice to the opening in your roof allowing water in. Ruining insulation, seeping into wood causing rot, even damage to the frame itself! What […]