How to clean a toilet bowl

So, you just cleaned your bathroom. Everything’s now shiny, dry, and clean, unlike the messy state it was in a few hours ago. Thinking that the job is done, you’re now in a hurry to keep the cleaning tools away to get on with your day. But, the reality is that you’re far from done because, like most people, you have forgotten cleaning your toilet tank.

Maybe it’s because it’s not that visible, so people always tend to forget it. Whatever the reason is, it’s a bad idea to skip cleaning your toilet tank. Do you want to know why? Find out as we discuss the importance of cleaning your toilet tank in this article.

Mould can grow in standing water

When you don’t clean your water tank, the water inside it is just left there, not moving until somebody uses the toilet. During the downtime, this standing water can be a very suitable environment for mould to grow in.

Most toilets get used multiple times within the day, but what about the toilets in the guest room and the basement? Not only will mould make your bathroom smell funky, but it can also spread itself to the rest of your bathroom, requiring a big cleaning job. Even worse, it can spread to the rest of your house.

Furthermore, mould doesn’t only smell bad; it can also induce allergic reactions such as itchy eyes and stuffy nose. For your health and to avoid mould, it’s important to clean your toilet tank regularly.


This one’s obvious, but still, many people avoid or forget to clean their toilet tanks. In time, without proper cleaning, the germs and bacteria you try to clean off when you use the toilet can find their way to the toilet tank. When this happens in a wet environment that a toilet tank has, you can expect bacteria and germs to grow fast.

If you don’t want to use a toilet that’s full of germs, it’s a good thing for your hygiene if you can clean the toilet tank.

To avoid corrosion

As your tank is devoid of any cleaning for long periods, mould, dust, and debris will continue to build up. When this happens, your tank’s parts made of rubber and steel are exposed to these elements that cause corrosion.

Due to this, not only will your bathroom be infested by mould and be unhygienic, but lack of cleaning can also allow corrosion to destroy your toilet over time.

How often should you clean your toilet tank?

It won’t be necessary to clean your toilet tank each time you clean the bathroom, especially if it’s a toilet that gets much action, such as the ones in your room or if you have only one bathroom for everyone in the house.

Cleaning the bathroom tank is a necessary task, but it’s okay to not do it that often. To save your toilet and bathroom from the disadvantages brought by not cleaning the toilet tank, clean your toilet tank at least once or twice a year.

Do this even for the bathrooms that are rarely used, as they may be more prone to mould and mildew because they have standing water stuck for a long time.

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