As people probably already know, lawn signs come in different materials and sizes. It can come in sizes ranging from six inches tall by 24 inches wide by four feet tall by eight feet wide, and that is just the yard sign. The most common sizes of corrugated plastic lawn signs are twelve inches high by 18 inches wide and 18 inches tall by 24 inches wide.

Usually, it does not include additional wire stakes. Some service providers use sturdy wire stakes that are at least nine inches wide by 24 inches tall. It allows people to adjust the height of their signs off the ground. So what is the best size of the lawn sign? Listed below are some things people need to consider when deciding on what sign size to use.

Design and message

For these sign advertisings to be very effective, its message needs to be short and straightforward but direct to the point. The most useful signs include one to two words with a phone number. The design also needs to be free from nonessential graphics that distract people from the intended message.

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A lot of experts believe that the best yard signs include only the message with no graphic representations at all. It is imperative to keep in mind that people are advertising to other individuals who are moving pretty quickly past their message. As a rule of thumb, the text needs to be at least two inches tall to be read by individuals from 50 feet away while standing still.

It means that the text should be more extensive if people place their signage by the road in moving traffic. That is why, if the message is two to three words long, smaller size signage would be enough, and it would allow owners to buy more of it. But sometimes, the message cannot be reduced to two to three words. It needs to include important information that would mess up small boards. In cases like this, an enormous billboard would be required.


The best locations people can place their signage are intersections with high traffic that is close to their business. It allows stopped traffic a lot of time to read and see the message on the billboard. If they can place their indicators relative to the road, a larger board would not be needed. Suppose individuals are not fortunate enough to get a place for their ads at high-traffic intersections or close to highways. In that case, they can consider a bigger format poster to grab the attention of passing motorists.

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These things are usually made with plastic bags, corrugated plastic, or cardboard. Large plastic bags and cardboard ads have a hard time standing up to unfavorable weather conditions like snow, strong winds, or rain. Experts recommend only using corrugated plastic for billboards. Ads printed in heavy-duty corrugated plastics are sturdy and can withstand extreme conditions like strong winds and rain.

Local regulations

In some cities or towns across the United States, these things are appropriately regulated by state or local zoning laws. In 2014, the United States Supreme Court overturned a previous lower court ruling concerning the entire signage industry. The order stated that any kind of advertisement board is considered Free Speech; that is why it is protected in Article One of the Constitution.

Generally speaking, if a government organization like the state, city, or town allows any lawn printed signs, whether it is temporary or permanent, to be used, they need to allow all billboards of similar placements and sizes without any exception. That is why, if the town allows political or real estate signage, or any types of advertisements, they need to allow all similar posters or placards with the same placement and size as the one they just allow, no matter what the content.

As we understand the ruling, it applies to permanent store signs, banners, billboards, and any kind of indicator venue. As a rule of thumb, the bigger the advertisement board, the better it gets to signs. Just like buying an advertisement placed in a local magazine or newspaper, the full-page advert will always get a lot of attention from people compared to business card size ads stuck down on the last page of the magazine or newspaper.