Tips on Setting up a Home Office in Your Basement

Since you no longer have to commute to work every day and instead get to work from home, you need a space that is just for work-related tasks. Not the best idea is to put everything on the kitchen table or in a corner of your bedroom. You can turn to a professional who specializes in basement finishing, and soon you’ll have a great place to work. But before you tackle this project head on, you must first consider these design essentials to make sure your home office in the basement is as functional as it is beautiful.

Home Office in Your Basement

1. Define your needs and come up with a plan. A good plan is the first step in any successful makeover, and this one is no different. Write out your needs and wants before clearing the clutter. This will make finishing the project easier.  When you answer honestly, you’ll be able to figure out what you should do next.

2. Get the lighting right. A workspace needs good lighting. Make sure you have receptacles for under-cabinet and plug-in task lighting in addition to the above recessed or ceiling fixtures. If you’re short on table space, a clamp-style lamp can add adjustable task lighting any place an edge is available.

3. Consider the noise. The office should be located at one end of the basement while noisy areas like playrooms or media rooms should be located at the other. Add soundproofing between the studs, or hire a contractor to insulate common walls with foam for added protection against noise.

4. Utilize storage to help you declutter. Multitasking décor and robust storage items help create an organized and attractive home office. Small basement offices need wall-mounted storage units. Start with more storage than you need because you’ll eventually fill it up. Clutter is the enemy of any workspace, so an ordered cabinet and floating shelves for stationery are excellent.

5. Do not neglect comfort. Mix ornamental elements and soft furnishings to make your basement a productive home office. Put up some photographs, add area rugs, and include a comfortable sofa where you can rest and stretch for a few minutes.

6. Take advantage of technology. Choose equipment sensibly for small home offices. Weigh the cost, space and convenience of having particular technology readily available. What do you need to execute your job properly and effectively every day? Today’s home workplaces often need Wi-Fi and a fast, dependable internet connection.

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