Why Do You Have Dry Wood Termites and How To Prevent Them?

You must immediately learn how to get rid of dry wood termites if you believe you have spotted the telltale indications of these devastating bugs. Every year, termites cost the construction industry billions of dollars in damage, yet most homeowners’ insurance plans do not cover the pricey treatments and repairs required to restore your house to its previous condition.

But, did you know that not all termites reside in colonies underground? Drywood termites do not come into touch with soil; they reside inside the wood. Humid air provides them with the moisture they require to survive.

Due to this, Brisbane’s humid coastal regions are where dry wood termites are most prevalent. They may be in a building or piece of furniture for a long period before being found due to their concealed nature.

That’s the reason you should get your home routinely inspected by termite control professionals. All you have to do is search “termites control specialist Brisbane” or “termite treatment companies near me” online and then 

How Do Drywood Termites Function?

These sociable insects live in colonies and eat dry wood. Their colonies are often smaller than those of subterranean termites, and they normally construct their nests inside the wood. But they frequently go unnoticed, which allows their harm to build up and get worse. There are reproductives, workers, and soldiers in these termite colonies.

Unlike certain kinds of subterranean termites, these bugs don’t construct mud tunnels. They don’t require tunnels to go to an underground nest since they can survive without soil contact. Around a home or property, the insects frequently build their nests in secret spots inside of wood.

They may cause major structural damage within months of colony establishment, although it might take years for colonies to develop. If the colony develops and produces winged alates, they can swarm in the warmer months and start new colonies in new homes. As a result, several dry wood colonies occurring simultaneously can seriously harm buildings.

How Do You Get Dry Wood Termites?

Well, because they don’t travel underground, you won’t have a dry wood termite infestation because of soil-to-wood contact. Rather, if you are a second-hand furnishing collector, that might be a reason for your termite issue.

Did you recently pick up the furniture from a garage sale or by the roadside? That is a reason enough to get a dry wood or any kind of termite infestation.

We are not saying that you should not save up a few bucks by getting second-hand furnishings. Do it by all means, but also make sure that you have treated it to kill off the termites living inside the furnishing before taking them inside the home. You can also search for “the best termite control near me” to hire a professional for the job.

Or simply spray the furniture with termiticide and let it soak for a day in the sunlight before taking it inside.

How To Eradicate Termites In Wood?

You might be concerned that you and your family will need to temporarily relocate if dry wood termites are discovered in your house. This medical procedure may be upsetting and uncomfortable. These pests are not susceptible to soil-based techniques for eradicating subterranean termites.

Fortunately, there is a simple and efficient way to get rid of drywood termites. By immediately injecting a termite treatment solution into the galleries, technicians can get rid of these bugs. It comes into touch with the insects, who then spread it to the rest of the colony. These pests are killed throughout the treatment, and the queen is finally taken out.

A customised plan for the infestation in your house may be created by certified termite control professionals, who also have access to highly powerful solutions like this one. They have the expertise to identify the pests’ entry points and the causes behind them, and they can also provide you with advice on how to stop it from happening again.

They could advise you to reduce outside lights during swarm season and to cover any cracks, fissures, or holes on the exterior of your property. So type “termites treatment specialist near me” and hire a specialist today.

Tips for Preventing Drywood Termites

A typical indication of an infestation is the sight of a swarm of reproductive termites, which appear from tiny holes in the wood. If you discover dry wood termite damage, look into available treatments right once. Pellets and scorching of the wood’s surface—an indication that the termites are tunnelling too closely to the surface—are other indicators. Termite pellets from dry wood are often the same colour as the wood they are consuming. They collect around broken wood and are smaller than rice grains. Pellets are frequently discovered within tunnels as well.

  • A pest-control specialist is required to eradicate dry wood termites. You must: make your house less appealing to termites.
  • Keep timber, including firewood, away from the base of your house.
  • In particular, those that lead to attics and crawl spaces should have fitted, type 20 mesh screens installed on all of their doors, windows, vents, and apertures.
  • Any unfinished wood inside, outside, or in the building should be sealed. Whether you choose to use paint, varnish, or sealer, ensure sure the coatings are even and that any nail holes or other gaps are also covered.

Now that you know how these termites come in and how you can prevent them from invading, we hope you make the right decisions to control such infestation.

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